VisualEffect Property

Visual Studio .NET 2003

Makes it possible for you to apply SpecialEffect behaviors programmatically to Visual FoxPro command buttons. Available only at run time.

CommandButton.VisualEffect[ = nValue]

Property Values

Specifies the format setting of a control according to the following table:
Setting Description
0 None. Existing visual effect is unchanged.
1 Raised. Gives raised visual effect similar to mouse hover with SpecialEffect=2 (Hot Tracking).
2 Depressed. Gives sunken visual effect similar to having the mouse held down on the command button.


Because the Raised setting of VisualEffect (1) conflicts with the 3D SpecialEffect setting, the VisualEffect value of 1 is ignored if SpecialEffect = 0.

See Also

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Applies To: Command Button