Sizable Property
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Sizable Property

Visual Studio .NET 2003

Specifies whether an object can be sized. Available at design time; read/write at run time.

Object.Sizable = lExpr

Property Values

The settings for the Sizable property are as follows:
Setting Description
True (.T.) (Default) You can size the object.
False (.F.) You cannot size the object.


For bound and unbound OLE controls, Sizable affects the OLE object that the control contains. If Sizable is set to true (.T.) and you activate the OLE object, you can size it larger or smaller than the OLE control. If the AutoSize property is set to true (.T.), the OLE control automatically resizes to fit the new size of the OLE object when you deactivate it.

Note   To make a Form sizable, set the BorderStyle property to 3.

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Applies To: OLE Bound Control | OLE Container Control | ToolBar

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