SCCStatus Property

Visual Studio .NET 2003

Contains a numeric value indicating the source control status of a file in a project. Read-only at design time and run time.



The following table lists the values the SCCStatus property can contain:

Value FoxPro.h constant Description
0 SCCFILE_NOTCONTROLLED File is not source controlled.
1 SCCFILE_NOTCHECKEDOUT File is in source control but is not checked out.
2 SCCFILE_CHECKEDOUTCU File is checked out to the current user.
3 SCCFILE_CHECKEDOUTOU File is checked out to someone other than the current user.
4 SCCFILE_MERGECONFLICT File has a merge conflict.
5 SCCFILE_MERGE File has been merged without conflict.
6 SCCFILE_CHECKEDOUTMU File is checked out to multiple users.

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Applies To: File Object