ProjectHook Property
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ProjectHook Property

Visual Studio .NET 2003

An object reference to the ProjectHook object instantiated for a project.

Object.ProjectHook[ = oProjectHookClass]

Property Values

Specifies a class based on the Visual FoxPro ProjectHook base class. By default, contains an object reference to the default ProjectHook class specified in the Project tab of the Project Information dialog box.


The ProjectHook property contains the null value if it has not been assigned a class based on the ProjectHook base class or the project doesn't have a default ProjectHook class (specified in the Project tab of the Project Information dialog box). Assigning the null value to ProjectHook property releases the ProjectHook object, but doesn't affect the default ProjectHook class for the project.

For more information about projects, see Project Manager Hooks.

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Applies To: Project Object

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