MousePointer Property

Visual Studio .NET 2003

Specifies the shape of the mouse pointer when you move the mouse over a particular part of an object at run time. You can use the MousePointer property to indicate changes in functionality as the mouse pointer passes over controls on a form or dialog box. Available at design time and run time.

Object.MousePointer [= nType]

Property Values

Specifies a value representing the shape of the mouse pointer.
Note   When you set the MousePointer property using the Properties window, the drop-down list displays the setting names used in Visual FoxPro for Windows.

The following table lists the values for nType.

nType Description
0 Shape determined by the object (Default)
1 Arrow
2 Cross (cross-hair pointer)
3 I-beam
4 Icon (small white square within a black square)
5 Size (four-pointed arrow pointing north, south, east, west)
6 Size NE SW (double arrow pointing northeast and southwest)
7 Size NS (double arrow pointing north and south)
8 Size NW SE (double arrow pointing northwest and southeast)
9 Size WE (double arrow pointing west and east)
10 Up arrow
11 Hourglass or wristwatch
12 No Drop
13 Hide pointer
14 Arrow. Not a valid property value for grids and returns the error "Expression evaluated to an illegal value."
15 Hand
99 Custom. Uses pointer specified in object's MouseIcon property.


To indicate that the user should wait for a process to finish, set the MousePointer property to 11 (Hourglass or Wristwatch).

When MousePointer is set to 15 (Hand), an arrow appears instead of a hand when running Visual FoxPro applications on Windows NT 4.0 operating systems.

See Also

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Applies To: CheckBox | ComboBox | CommandButton | CommandGroup | Container Object | Control Object | EditBox | Form | Grid | Image | Label | Line | ListBox | OLE Bound Control | OLE Container Control | OptionButton | OptionGroup | _SCREEN | Shape | Spinner | TextBox | ToolBar