DynamicInputMask Property

Visual Studio .NET 2003

Specifies how data is entered and displayed in a Column object. Re-evaluated at run time each time the Grid control is refreshed. Available at design time; read/write at run time.

Column.DynamicInputMask[ = cInputMask]

Property Values

Specifies the dynamic format of text and controls in a column. cInputMask must evaluate to a character string of the following format:
[@cFunction] [cMask]

The following demonstrates a typical format for cInputMask:

Column1.DynamicInputMask = "@R$ ###,###,###.##"

For additional information about the format of cFunction and cMask, see the Format and InputMask properties.


The DynamicInputMask property takes precedence over the Format and InputMask properties.

If the control specified by the column's CurrentControl property is a text box, spinner, or combo box, the Format and InputMask portions of the DynamicInputMask expression are passed to the Format and InputMask properties for the text box, spinner, or combo box.

See Also

Format Property | InputMask Property

Applies To: Column