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Desktop Property

Visual Studio .NET 2003

Specifies whether a form can appear anywhere on the Windows desktop or is contained in the main Visual FoxPro window. Available at design time; read-only at run time.

Object.Desktop[ = lExpr]

Property Values

The settings for the Desktop property are:
Setting Description
True (.T.) The form can be anywhere on the Windows desktop.
False (.F.) (Default) The form is contained in the main Visual FoxPro window.


The Desktop property is ignored if the ShowWindow property is set to 2 – As Top-Level form.

You should not use the Desktop property when you create Single Document Interface (SDI) applications in which you might want to hide the Visual FoxPro desktop window (_SCREEN). Instead, use the ShowWindow property setting of 2 to create a top-level form.

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Applies To: Form | _SCREEN

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