This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

BufferModeOverride Property

Visual Studio .NET 2003

Specifies whether to override the BufferMode property set at the form or form set level. Available at design time and run time.

DataEnvironment.Cursor.BufferModeOverride[ = nValue]

Property Values

The settings for the BufferModeOverride property are listed in the following table:
Setting Description
3 Optimistic row buffering. Allows edits to a single record and locks the record only when it is written to disk. You can use TABLEREVERT( ) to undo your changes.
5 Optimistic table buffering. Allows edits to all records and does not lock them until the records are written to disk with TABLEUPDATE( ). You can use TABLEREVERT( ) to undo your changes.

See Also

BufferMode Property | TABLEREVERT( ) | TABLEUPDATE ( )

Applies To: Cursor Object | CursorAdapter Class