Bound Property

Visual Studio .NET 2003

Determines whether a control in a Column object is bound to the control source for the Column. Available at design time and run time.

Column.Bound[ = lExpr]

Property Values

The settings for the Bound property are:
Setting Description
True (.T.) (Default) The control is bound to the column's control source.
False (.F.) The control is not bound to the column's control source.


If a column's Bound property is set to true (.T.), the column's ControlSource property setting applies to the column and any controls contained in it. If you attempt to set the contained control's ControlSource property, an error occurs. If a column's Bound property is set to false (.F.), you can set the ControlSource property of a contained control directly. If you subsequently set the ControlSource setting of the column, it overrides the ControlSource setting of the contained control.

Typically, the following controls are bound to the corresponding data types:

Column control base class Typical column data types
CheckBox Logical, Numeric
ComboBox Character, Numeric
CommandButton Character, Numeric
EditBox Character
ListBox Character, Numeric
OptionButton Character, Numeric
Spinner Currency, Numeric
TextBox Any data type except General or Memo

Note   You cannot bind a control to a column whose data type is General or Memo.

See Also

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Applies To: Column Object