Overview of Visual FoxPro Features

Visual Studio .NET 2003

Microsoft Visual FoxPro gives you more of everything you have come to expect in a database management system (DBMS) — speed, power, and flexibility. In addition, Visual FoxPro leads you into the next generation by providing object and event models that help you create and modify applications faster than ever before.

The following topics walk you through some of the major features in Visual FoxPro. For information on the newest enhancements in this version of Visual FoxPro, see What's New in Visual FoxPro.

In This Section

Rapid Application Creation
Discusses how you can develop applications rapidly with help from Visual FoxPro wizards, builders, toolbars, and designers, and implement them quickly using the Visual FoxPro object and event models.
Advantages of More Power
Describes how you can take advantage of Visual FoxPro's object-oriented programming capabilities as well as features such as Rushmore Query Optimization technology to improve performance and speed up application development.
User Interface Creation without Programming
Discusses the powerful controls provided by Visual FoxPro that give you interfaces that require little or no coding.
Application Development with Several Developers
Discusses using Visual FoxPro to enable simultaneous access to database components and using source control programs with the Project Manager to track and protect changes to your source code.
Interaction with Other Applications
Provides information about sharing data with other applications, such as Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word, using objects from other applications, and controlling other applications using automation.
Client/Server Solution Development
Discusses how you can use Visual FoxPro as a front end for developing robust client/server applications. It combines the higher-level support of updateable views of server data with direct access to native server syntax using SQL pass-through.

Related Sections

Getting Started with Visual FoxPro
Provides links to information about installing, upgrading, and customizing Visual FoxPro, as well as accessing the latest readme files.
Using Visual FoxPro
Provides information on Visual FoxPro programming features and productivity tools, as well as sections on development of Visual FoxPro applications.
Provides a list of common scenarios and step-by-step guides that enable you to learn how to create different types of applications and components in Visual FoxPro.
Customizing the Visual FoxPro Environment
Discusses settings that enable you to customize your development environment, including the main window title, default directory, project, editor, debugger and form tool options, temporary file storage, field mappings for drag-and-drop operations, and many other options.
Developing Visual FoxPro Applications
Includes conceptual information about how to develop Visual FoxPro applications, instructions for creating databases and the user interface, and other tasks needed to create Visual FoxPro applications.
Programming in Visual FoxPro
Describes how you can access the full power of Visual FoxPro by creating applications. Understanding object-oriented programming techniques and the event-driven model can maximize your programming productivity.
Development Productivity Tools
Provides information on developer tools for application development within the Visual FoxPro application and the language.