XML Web Service - Operation Detail Dialog Box

Visual Studio .NET 2003

Makes it possible for you to choose specific operations, or methods, you want to call from your application. You can also specify parameter values for these operations.

This dialog box appears when you click Add or Edit in the Operations group of the Operations tab of the XML Web Service Builder. For more information, see Operations Tab, XML Web Service Builder.

Specifies a name you want to use to refer to the operation.
Specifies a description for the operation. (Optional)
Select an operation (method)
Specifies the operation you want to use. Details of the selected operation appear in the Syntax box, including any previously set parameters.
Set parameter(s)
Specifies how parameter values are set for the operation as follows:
  • Input values now   Makes it possible for you to set parameter values in advance. To specify values or run-time parameter sources, click Set to open the XML Web Service - Parameter Values Dialog Box.
  • Programmatically set at run-time   Set parameter values at run time using the operation's parameter collection.
  • Prompt at run-time   Specifies that a dialog box appears for entering values when the operation is called at run time. The dialog box supports only simple data types.
Displays a dialog box for you to set parameter values for the operation. This option is available only when Input values now is selected in the Set parameter(s) box.
Displays the syntax for the operation.


Allow Web service calls to be cached offline
Specifies that operation calls, including parameter values and results, are stored locally. If the operation is called offline using the same parameters, the original results are returned, making it possible for your application to run disconnected without interruption.

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