What's New in Visual FoxPro 8.0

Visual Studio .NET 2003

Welcome to Microsoft Visual FoxPro. Visual FoxPro is the object-oriented relational database management system that you can use to create database solutions for the desktop to the Web. Visual FoxPro provides powerful data handling capabilities, rapid application development tools for maximum productivity, and the flexibility needed to build all types of database solutions.

In This Section

Submitting Feedback about Help to Microsoft
Describes how you can send feedback about the Visual FoxPro Help documentation to Microsoft.
Interactive Development Environment (IDE) Enhancements
Describes additions and improvements made to the Visual FoxPro IDE.
Language Enhancements
Describes additions and improvements to the Visual FoxPro programming language.
Data Features Enhancements
Describes additions and improvements to Visual FoxPro data features.
Miscellaneous Enhancements
Describes other improvements made in this version of Visual FoxPro.
Behavior Changes Since Visual FoxPro 7.0
Describes changes in the behavior of existing language and functionality.
Visual FoxPro 8.0 New Reserved Words
Lists new reserved words added to Visual FoxPro.

Related Sections

Getting Started with Visual FoxPro
Provides information about where to find the ReadMe file, how to install and upgrade from previous versions, configure Visual FoxPro, and customize the development environment.
Using Visual FoxPro
Provides an overview of Visual FoxPro features, describes concepts and productivity tools for developing, programming, and managing high-performance database applications and components, and provides walkthroughs that help get you started. With the robust tools and data-centric object-oriented language that Visual FoxPro offers, you can build modern, scalable, multi-tier applications that integrate client/server computing and the Internet.
Samples and Walkthroughs
Contains Visual FoxPro code samples and step-by-step walkthroughs that you can use for experimenting with and learning Visual FoxPro features.
Describes Visual FoxPro general, programming language, user interface, and error message reference topics.
Product Support
Provides information about Microsoft technical support for Visual FoxPro.