XMLName Property

Visual Studio .NET 2003

Contains the following for the specified objects:

XMLAdapter: XMLName contains the name of the element that specifies where to look for table elements. Read/write.

For more information about how the XMLAdapter LoadXML and Attach methods set this property, see the Remarks section.

XMLTable: XMLName contains the element name for that table in the XML document. Read-only when associated with an XMLAdapter object.

XMLField: XMLName contains the element or attribute name for that field in the XML document. Read-only when attached to an XMLTable object.


Property Values

Character data type. XMLName contains a Unicode character string or is empty ("") when not populated.

Note   Before assigning a string value to XMLName, you must convert the value to Unicode. You can use the STRCONV( ) function to perform this requirement.


The XMLAdapter LoadXML and Attach methods set the XMLAdapter XMLName property as follows:

  • ADO.NET DataSet element name for ADO.NET DataSet
  • "data" for ADO Recordset XML
  • Empty string ("") for Microsoft XML Data Reduced Schema (XDR) as used by Microsoft SQL-XML

If XMLAdapter XMLName is empty, XMLTable ToCursor looks for table elements within element referenced by the XMLAdapter IXMLDOMElement property.

The XMLAdapter ToXML method uses the XMLAdapter XMLName as the DataSet element name. If XMLName is empty, ToXML uses the string, "VFPDataSet".

The XMLTable ChangesToCursor and ApplyDiffgram methods require that XMLAdapter XMLName be set to a nonempty value and that the XML document is in DiffGram format.

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Applies To: XMLAdapter Class | XMLTable Class | XMLField Class