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RotateFlip Property
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RotateFlip Property

Visual Studio .NET 2003

Specifies a rotation or inversion (flip) for an image. Read/write at design and run time.

Image.RotateFlip [ = nValue ]


Numeric data type. The following table lists the values for nValue.
nValue Setting Description
0 RotateNoneFlipNone Specifies no rotation or flipping.
1 Rotate90FlipNone Specifies a 90-degree rotation without flipping.
2 Rotate180FlipNone Specifies a 180-degree rotation without flipping.
3 Rotate270FlipNone Specifies a 270-degree rotation without flipping.
4 RotateNoneFlipX Specifies no rotation and a horizontal flip.
5 Rotate90FlipX Specifies a 90-degree rotation followed by a horizontal flip.
6 Rotate180FlipX Specifies a 180-degree rotation followed by a horizontal flip.
7 Rotate270FlipX Specifies a 270-degree rotation followed by a horizontal flip.


Animated .gif images are not supported.

Because an image can have an .msk file, the .msk file must be formatted properly.

Note   Visual FoxPro stores a single image in memory internally. If you use that image multiple times, Visual FoxPro renders it the same way regardless of RotateFlip. If you want to display the same image multiple times in various rotations, rename each copy of the image that you use. If you issue the CLEAR...RESOURCES command, Visual FoxPro reloads the image into memory and loses any prior GDI+ settings.

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Applies To: Image Control

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