MemberClassLibrary Property

Visual Studio .NET 2003

Specifies the name of the class library containing the member class in the MemberClass property. Read/write at design time and run time.

For a Column parent container and its header members, use the HeaderClassLibrary property instead of MemberClassLibrary.

Object.MemberClassLibrary [ = cClassFile ]

Property Values

Character string. The cClassFile parameter specifies the file name containing the member class in MemberClass.


Visual FoxPro includes the MemberClassLibrary visual class library (.vcx) or program (.prg) in the project during a project build.

If you set MemberClassLibrary at run time, you must use the full file name including the file extension.

If you specify MemberClassLibrary without specifying MemberClass, Visual FoxPro does not generate an error; however, it uses the base class when adding a new member and disregards the property specified.

For additional information about the MemberClassLibary and MemberClass properties, see MemberClass Property.

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Applies To: PageFrame Control | CommandGroup Control | OptionGroup Control | Grid Control