HeaderClass Property

Visual Studio .NET 2003

Specifies the name of the member class to use when adding new header member objects to a Column container. Read/write at design time and run time.

The HeaderClass property is used instead of MemberClass for a Column parent container. For more information about the MemberClass property, see MemberClass Property.

Note   If the member class is based on a class that is stored in a program (.prg) file, make sure that the compiled program (.fxp) file is synchronized with the .prg file.
Column.HeaderClass [ = cClassName ]

Property Values

Specifies the name of a member class in a program (.prg) file.


You cannot edit or create a subclass of the Header class in a visual class library (.vcx). You need to use a program (.prg) file to define a Header class.

The Column class can contain only one header; therefore, no header count property is associated with the column.

At run time, changing the HeaderClassLibrary and HeaderClass properties at run time does not affect the header. You can change the header only by using the AddObject or NewObject methods, which replaces the current header with the new header.

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Applies To: Column Object