CursorSchema Property

Visual Studio .NET 2003

Specifies the structure of the cursor associated with a CursorAdapter object. Read/write at design time and run time.

CursorSchema is essentially the portion "between the parentheses" of the SQL CREATE TABLE and CREATE CURSOR commands. You can use CursorSchema to define an XML data source. Visual FoxPro uses CursorSchema at design time to determine the structure of the cursor to place on the surface of the Data Environment Designer. Visual FoxPro uses CursorSchema at run time if specified by the CursorFill method.

Note   You must make sure that CursorSchema matches and maps to the data source columns in an acceptable manner.
CursorAdapter.CursorSchema [ = cList ]

Property Values

Character data type. The cList parameter specifies a character string or expression that evaluates to a valid comma-delimited list of field names and types.

For example:

CursorAdapter.CursorSchema = ;
"col1 I, col2 c(25), col3 M, col4 Y, col5 n(12,3)" 

If CursorSchema is empty or set to null (.NULL.), Visual FoxPro uses the data source of the CursorAdapter object to determine the cursor structure.


When the lUseCursorSchema parameter in the CursorFill method evaluates to True (.T.), or when you add a CursorAdapter-based cursor to the surface of the Data Environment Designer, a CursorAdapter object uses CursorSchema as a template for the cursor created by CursorFill.

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Applies To: CursorAdapter Class