This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Miscellaneous Enhancements

Visual Studio .NET 2003

Visual FoxPro contains the following miscellaneous enhancements:

  • Walkthrough topics
  • New Solution samples
  • New NorthWind sample database
  • Pool Manager Foundation Class
  • IntelliSense scripts
  • Task List
  • Object Browser
  • GenDBC.prg tool
  • SccText.prg tool
  • PivotTable Wizard, Mail Merge Wizard, and Referential Integrity Builder
  • TypeLib Foundation Class
  • Dr. Watson error reporting
  • Choosing a Visual SourceSafe database when opening projects
  • Support for Windows XP True Color icon images
  • Improved error message details

Walkthrough Topics

Visual FoxPro includes the following new walkthrough topics that guide you step-by-step through the following tasks:

Walkthrough: Creating Applications with Visual FoxPro

Walkthrough: Creating Tables with Visual FoxPro

Walkthrough: Retrieving Data from Different Data Sources

Walkthrough: Creating XML Web Services with Visual FoxPro

Walkthrough: Creating Reports with Visual FoxPro

Walkthrough: Creating a Visual FoxPro Application Setup Program Using InstallShield Express

For more information, see Walkthroughs.

New Solution Samples

Visual FoxPro includes the following new Solution samples so that you can experiment with and learn about the new features in Visual FoxPro:

For more information, see New Visual FoxPro 8.0 Solution Samples.

New NorthWind Sample Database

Visual FoxPro includes a new NorthWind.dbc sample database, which simulates the SQL Server and Access NorthWind database and supports automatic incrementing. You can find the NorthWind.dbc database in the ...\Samples\Northwind folder or by locating it in the Solution Samples Task Pane in the Task Pane Manager.

Pool Manager Foundation Class

The Pool Manager Foundation Class manages a pool, or collection, of objects from a single class. When you need to use an object repeatedly for a short time, use the Pool Manager class. Visual FoxPro also includes the Pool Manager Sample to demonstrate this new Foundation Class. For more information, see Pool Manager Foundation Class and Pool Manager Sample.

IntelliSense Scripts

Visual FoxPro includes the following enhancements to IntelliSense scripts:

  • New script for the IMPLEMENTS clause in the DEFINE CLASS command opens a COM interface picker. For more information, see DEFINE CLASS Command and "Working with Interfaces" in Using the Object Browser.
  • Typing WS in a program (.prg) file opens the Select dialog box for choosing a registered XML Web service. XML Web services are no longer added in code using a type, for example, LOCAL oWS AS myWebService.
  • Typing ZDEF in a .prg file displays a list of #DEFINE statements that exist in the file including those referenced in #INCLUDE files.
  • Typing ZLOC in a .prg file displays a list of available local memory variables and parameters.
  • New scripts that expand the following control statements:
    • DOCASE   Expands the DO CASE...ENDCASE command.
    • DOWHILE   Expands the DO WHILE...ENDDO command.
    • IFEND   Expands the IF...ENDIF command.
    • IFELSE   Expands the IF...ELSE...ENDIF command.
    • FOREACH   Expands the FOR...EACH command.
    • FOREND   Expands the FOR...ENDFOR command.
    • SCANEND   Expands the SCAN...ENDSCAN command.
    • TEXTEND   Expands the TEXT...ENDTEXT command.
    • WITHEND   Expands the WITH...ENDWITH command.
    • TRYEND   Expands the TRY...CATCH...FINALLY command.

To see a list of IntelliSense scripts, look in the FoxCode.dbf file. For more information about IntelliSense, see IntelliSense Overview, Customizing IntelliSense Using FoxCode, and Using Scripting in FoxCode.dbf.

Task List Manager

You can clean the Task List table and edit the structure of the user-defined columns table in the Tasklist Options dialog box. For more information, see Task List Manager Window and Using the Task List Manager.

Object Browser

When an interface is selected in the Object Browser, the description pane also displays the Interface ID number. For more information, see Object Browser Window.

GenDBC.prg Tool

The GenDBC.prg tool, which generates a program that can recreate a database, now supports autoincrementing, collating sequences, and filtered primary keys. For more information, see Gendbc.prg.

SccText.prg Tool

The SccText.prg tool, which is Visual FoxPro program that translates Visual FoxPro binary files into their text equivalent, includes a MethodsWrite function that writes methods in alphabetical order. When creating .sca or .vca text files for source control, methods are written in alphabetical order. This provides easier comparison for checking file differences. For more information, see _SCCTEXT System Variable and Checking for Differences in Forms, Reports, and Other Table Files.

PivotTable Wizard, Mail Merge Wizard, and Referential Integrity Builder

Visual FoxPro updates the PivotTable and Mail Merge wizards to use the Visual FoxPro OLE DB Provider for the latest version of Microsoft Office. For more information, see PivotTable Wizard and Mail Merge Wizard.

You no longer need to pack the database container (DBC) to run the Referential Integrity Builder.

TypeLib Foundation Class

The TypeLib Foundation Class in _Utility.vcx has been updated to use the Tlbinf32 COM component. For more information, see Type Library Foundation Class.

Dr. Watson Error Reporting

Visual FoxPro includes product error reporting previously shipped with Visual FoxPro 7.0 Service Pack 1. This feature allows Microsoft to keep better track of errors that occur with the product.

Choosing a Visual SourceSafe Database When Opening Projects

You can now select a Visual SourceSafe database when Visual FoxPro prompts you after it attempts to open a project it cannot find in the current database.

In previous versions, Visual FoxPro assumed that you used only one database and searched only in last opened database for the project. Visual FoxPro generated an error when you attempted to open a project from a Visual SourceSafe database different from the last database opened.

Support for Windows XP True Color Icon Images

The Windows XP operating system displays true color, or 16-bit and 24-bit icon images, in Windows Explorer. Visual FoxPro includes support for displaying true color icon image formats in the Project Information dialog box and for attaching them to an application's executable (.exe) file.

The Project Information dialog box displays the highest possible color format supported by the operating system, corresponding to the closest image format in the icon file. If you do not specify an icon file to attach to an .exe file, Visual FoxPro attaches the standard Visual FoxPro icon. For more information, see Project Tab, Project Information Dialog Box.

Improved Error Message Details

Visual FoxPro includes more details and help for certain error messages.

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