What's New in Meta Data Services

What's New in Meta Data Services

SQL Server 2000

Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 Meta Data Services extends and renames the former repository component known as Microsoft Repository. Meta Data Services extends repository technology by introducing a new browser for viewing data in a repository database, new Extensible Markup Language (XML) interchange support, and new repository engine features.

The What's New topics contain brief overviews of the new Meta Data Services features with links to the conceptual topics that discuss each feature in more detail and provide further links into the documentation.

Topic Description
Meta Data Browser Enhancement New in this release, Meta Data Browser is a tool that you can use to browse a repository database.
XML Encoding Enhancements New in this release, XML Encoding supports a new implementation of meta data interchange in Meta Data Coalition (MDC) Open Information Model (OIM) XML.
Repository Engine Programming Enhancements Programming enhancements detail new and better ways for programming against an installed information model.
Repository Engine Modeling Enhancements Modeling enhancements support new definitions that you can include in an information model.

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