OIM in Meta Data Services

OIM in Meta Data Services

SQL Server 2000

The Open Information Model (OIM) is a set of standard object models that tools and applications use to create exchangeable meta data. The OIM is published by the Meta Data Coalition (MDC).

Microsoft distributes a version of the OIM with Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000, the SQL Server 2000 Meta Data Services Software Development Kit (SDK), and Microsoft Visual Studio®. Meta data models based on the OIM are used to define meta data in these and other Microsoft offerings. To accommodate tool-specific meta data, Microsoft has extended the version of the OIM that it distributes to support its meta data requirements.

The OIM is an evolving standard. You can always obtain the latest version of the OIM from the MDC to support your model-based application development. You can also extend it by adding new definitions to support your tool-specific meta data requirements.

This section includes topics that explain why the OIM is important, where you can get additional information and resources, and who backs OIM development.

Topic Description
Why the OIM is Important Explains why Microsoft integrates the OIM with Meta Data Services.
OIM Resources and Documentation Tells you where to obtain OIM documentation and model development resources.
Meta Data Coalition Introduces the Meta Data Coalition (MDC).

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