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Creating Objects

SQL Server 2000

You can populate a repository with new object instance data that you create. The objects you create must be compatible with the definitions of an installed information model. For example, to create a new table object, the underlying information model must support a table object definition.

To create objects, right-click the parent object under which the new object is to reside, and then click Create Object.

To create objects, the following conditions must be satisfied.

Criteria Conditions
Environment Stand-alone snap-in. You cannot create objects from within Enterprise Manager. For more information about stand-alone mode, see Using Meta Data Browser.
Browser mode Administrator or Power User. For more information, see Selecting Browse Mode in Meta Data Browser.
Kind of meta data Contents folder meta data. You cannot create objects in information models. For more information about Contents, see Viewing Meta Data in Meta Data Browser.

Creating an object requires choosing a collection, choosing a class, and defining a name. Your choices determine the characteristics assumed by the object.

  • Collections that you can choose from belong to the parent element. For example, if the parent object is a Table object, you can choose from the collections that belong to the Table object (in this case, the Columns collection). You cannot create collections. You can only choose from collections that are provided for the parent object by way of the information model.

  • Class selections are derived from the collection. If a collection supports multiple classes, you must choose which class to use.

  • Names are object names that you define. The name you define must be under 255 characters in length. Names can include spaces.

After you create the object, you can edit properties. For more information, see Working with Object Properties in Meta Data Browser.

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