Deleting, Renaming, and Removing Objects from Collections

Deleting, Renaming, and Removing Objects from Collections

SQL Server 2000

When you run Meta Data Browser as a stand-alone snap-in, you can delete, rename, or remove object instance data from collections. You must be a repository Administrator to perform these actions. You can only perform these actions on object instance data that appears in the Contents folder.

When you delete, rename, or remove an object from a collection, your changes are immediately saved in the repository database. Except for renaming, you cannot reverse these changes using the Meta Data Browser.

To perform these actions, right-click an object in the Contents folder, and then click Delete, Rename, or Remove.

  • Delete permanently deletes the object instance data from the repository database.

  • Rename activates an in-place editor so that you can type over the existing name. If you are naming an object in a collection that requires unique names, Meta Data Services does not allow you to duplicate a name in that collection. Otherwise, duplicate names are supported.

  • Remove deletes reference information that associates an object with a collection. The object instance data is not deleted.

For more information about how to become a repository Administrator, see Selecting Browse Mode in Meta Data Browser.

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