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Reports to Generate

SQL Server 2000

Use the Reports to Generate screen to view or specify the following options.


Write report to a text file in directory

Specify the full path and name of the text file into which the report is to be generated. The report contains details of the steps executed by the maintenance plan, including any error information. The report maintains version information by adding a date to the file name. The date is generated as a suffix to the file name but before the extension, in the form _YYYYMMDDHHMM. For example: "DB Maintenance Plan10_199804090838.txt".

Click the browse (...) button to change the default directory for the text file. Only directories on the computer running the maintenance plan can be selected.

Delete text report files older than

Delete text report files automatically that are older than the specified period. A history of text report files should be maintained so that you can check the maintenance tasks that have been executed in the past.

Send E-mail report to operator

Specify the operator to whom the generated report will be sent through SQL Mail. Click the browse (...) button to change the properties of the specified operator using SQL Server Enterprise Manager.

New Operator

Create a new operator using SQL Server Enterprise Manager.

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