Renaming a Report Server Computer

Renaming a Report Server Computer

SQL Server 2000

Renaming a computer causes a corresponding name change for the Web server and SQL Server instance (if it is on the same computer). In some cases, Reporting Services is not functional after a computer name change. If you are running a Windows 2000 server and the ReportServer Windows service runs as Local System, the ReportServer Windows service no longer starts automatically when you restart the computer. If you are running Windows Server 2003, the service will start, but you cannot connect to the report server database. To restore service after a computer name change, follow these steps:

  • Run rsconfig at the command line to update the encrypted connection information in the report server database. Use this syntax when running rsconfig (your values may be different).
    rsconfig -s<NewServerName> -dreportserver -aSQL -uSA -p<SAPassword>
  • Reset IIS. To do this at the command line, type iisreset.
  • In the RSWebApplication.config file, modify the ReportServerURL setting to reflect the new server name.
  • In the RSReportServer.config file, modify the URLRoot setting to reflect the new server name.
  • Update the URL property of the program item used to access Report Manager from the Start menu. To do this, point to Start, point to Program Files, point to Microsoft SQL Server, point to Reporting Services, right-click on Report Manager. On the Web Document page, update the URL to the new server name.
  • Open Report Manager and update any shared data sources or report-specific data sources that contain references to the old computer name.

If you are running Windows 2000 server, perform these additional steps:

  • Manually start the ReportServer Windows service.
  • Run rsactivate at the command line. Use this syntax when running rsactivate (note that your actual values may be different if you did not install to the default path).
    rsactivate -c"%installdir%\Reporting Services\ReportServer\RSReportServer.config"
  • Reset IIS. To do this at the command line, type iisreset.

    Note  For a period of time, the report server and Report Manager may continue to be available under the previous name if you are using Windows Internet Naming Service (WINS) on your corporate network. WINS maps an IP address to each computer it services. Once WINS refreshes the IP address for the renamed computer, the old computer name can no longer be used to access a report server or Report Manager.

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