Starting and Stopping the Report Server Service

Starting and Stopping the Report Server Service

SQL Server 2000

A report server runs as a Windows service and as a Web service. The services work together and support different aspects of report server functionality. For example, all scheduling and delivery processing is performed by the Windows service, while all programmatic calls into a report server are supported through the Web service.

You can start and stop Report Server Windows service using the Windows Services tool. You cannot pause and resume the service. There are no start parameters. While there are no explicit dependencies, SQL Server Agent should also be running if you support any scheduled operations on your server.

The Report Server Windows service starts automatically when you restart the computer.

To verify whether the Windows service is running, do the following:

  1. On the Start menu, point to Programs, point to Administrative Tools, and click Services.
  2. Scroll to ReportServer.
  3. In the Status column, verify that the report server status is Started.

Service Account Requirements

SQL Server Agent service must run under a domain account account if you configured the report server to connect to SQL Server using a domain account and Windows authentication (as opposed to a SQL Server login or Service Account). When the report server runs as a domain user, the report server creates SQL Server Agent jobs that are owned by that domain account. Before SQL Server Agent can route a task to the Scheduling and Delivery Processor, SQL Server Agent must have permission to access job information for jobs owned by a domain account. If SQL Server Agent happens to run as a local user account, the service will not have permission to access domain account information, and report subscription and delivery will subsequently fail.

About the Report Server Web Service

Starting, pausing, resuming, and stopping a service is not generally part of Web service management. ASP.NET starts and stops the Web service as part of managing the service. In most cases, you do not need to start or stop the Web service yourself. If you want to restart the Report Server Web service, you must restart Internet Information Services (IIS).

To verify whether the Web service is running, you can ping the service by typing http://localhost/reportserver in a browser URL address.

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