Scripting Deployment and Administrative Tasks

Scripting Deployment and Administrative Tasks

SQL Server 2000

Using scripts, developers and report server administrators can easily and efficiently perform repetitive tasks on a report server, or duplicate work from one server to another. You can use scripting with Reporting Services in the following ways:

Automate Repetitive Tasks

Repetitive tasks suitable for scripting include canceling running jobs, publishing reports, and verifying report delivery to specific recipients.

Duplicate an Environment and Settings on Another Server

Use scripts to copy folders, shared data sources, resources, reports, role assignments, and settings from one server to another. You can write a script for one report server instance, and then run it on another server to re-create the report server namespace. If you have multiple report servers in your deployment, you can run the script on each server individually to configure all servers in the same way. The following list describes the steps for migrating reports from one server to another.

  1. Set your script variable to the URL of the source report server.
  2. Use GetReportDefinition Method and GetProperties Method to retrieve the report definition and the properties of the report.
  3. Set the URL to point to the destination server.
  4. Use CreateReport Method, passing the properties returned from GetProperties and the report definition returned by GetReportDefinition.

By using a combination of get and create methods, you can perform similar steps to migrate settings, folders, shared data sources, and resources. For more information about the methods available to you, see ReportingService Class.

Note that scripts run under the Windows credentials of the user running the script unless credentials are explicitly set. For more information about script samples installed with Books Online, see Sample Scripts. For more information on how to format and run a script file, see Scripting with the rs Utility and the Web Service.

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