Printing How-to Topics

The topics in this section demonstrate how to use the printing and print system management features included with Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) as well as the new XML Paper Specification (XPS) print path.

In This Section

How to: Invoke a Print Dialog

Instructions for XAML markup to declare a Microsoft Windows print dialog object and using code to invoke the dialog from within a Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) application.

How to: Clone a Printer

Instructions for how to install a second print queue with exactly the same properties as an existing print queue.

How to: Diagnose Problematic Print Job

Instructions for using the properties of print queues and print jobs to diagnose a print job that is not printing.

How to: Discover Whether a Print Job Can Be Printed At This Time of Day

Instructions for using the properties of print queues and print jobs to programmatically what times of day the job can be printed.

How to: Enumerate a Subset of Print Queues

Instructions for generating a list of printers having certain characteristics.

How to: Extend the Print Schema and Create New Print System Classes

Extended discussion of how managed code programmers can extend the Print Schema to specialty printing devices or printers with new or uncommon features.

How to: Get Print System Object Properties Without Reflection

Instructions for how to discover at runtime print system object's properties and their types.

How to: Programmatically Print XPS Files

Instructions for rapid printing of XML Paper Specification (XPS) files without the need for a user interface (UI).

How to: Remotely Survey the Status of Printers

Instructions for creating a utility that will survey printers to discover those experience a paper jam or other problem.

How to: Validate and Merge PrintTickets

Instructions for checking that a print ticket is valid and that it does not request anything that is not supported by the printer.

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