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IScrollProvider Interface

Exposes methods and properties to support UI Automation client access to a control that acts as a scrollable container for a collection of child objects. The children of this control must implement IScrollItemProvider.

IScrollProvider Members

HorizontallyScrollable Gets a value that indicates whether the control can scroll horizontally.
HorizontalScrollPercent Gets the current horizontal scroll position.
HorizontalViewSize Gets the current horizontal view size.
Scroll Scrolls the visible region of the content area horizontally and vertically.
SetScrollPercent Sets the horizontal and vertical scroll position as a percentage of the total content area within the control.
VerticallyScrollable Gets a value that indicates whether the control can scroll vertically.
VerticalScrollPercent Gets the current vertical scroll position.
VerticalViewSize Gets the vertical view size.


Implemented on a UI Automation provider that must support the ScrollPattern control pattern.

Interface Information

Inherits from IUnknown
Header and IDL files uiautomation.h, uiautomationcore.idl
Minimum operating systems Windows XP

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