Used to retrieve the underlying OLEDB Command from an ADOCommand object.

interface IADOCommandConstruction: public IUnknown { 
      HRESULT get_OLEDBCommand(IUnknown **ppOLEDBCommand); 
      HRESULT put_OLEDBCommand(IUnknown *pOLEDBCommand); 

get_OLEDBCommand Method

Returns the underlying OLEDB Command, first propagating any parameter information set on the ADO Command to the OLEDB command.

put_OLEDBCommand Method

This method performs no operation, it always returns S_OK.

The guid for this interface, used to call QueryInterface, is IID_IADOCommandConstruction. In the header file, this interface is called ADOCommandConstruction.

Version: ADO 2.0 and later

Library: msado15.dll

UUID: 00000283-0000-0010-8000-00AA006D2EA4