IHostMemoryManager::NeedsVirtualAddressSpace Method


Notifies the host that the common language runtime (CLR) is going to attempt to use the specified memory.

HRESULT NeedsVirtualAddressSpace (  
    [in] LPVOID  startAddress,  
    [in] SIZE_T  size  


[in] The starting address of the memory.

[in] The size, in bytes, of the memory.

The NeedsVirtualAddressSpace method is a callback method and must be implemented by the writer of the hosting application. It is called by the CLR.

If the host does not want the CLR to use the specified memory, it may return an E_OUTOFMEMORY HRESULT.

Platforms: See System Requirements.

Header: MSCorEE.h

Library: Included as a resource in MSCorEE.dll

.NET Framework Versions: Available since 2.0

IHostMemoryManager Interface