This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Developing InfoPath Managed Code Form Templates

The topics in this section provide information about creating form templates that have business logic written in managed code (Visual Basic or C#) against members of the Microsoft.Office.InfoPath namespace.

In This Section

Getting Started Developing Managed Code Form Templates

Provides information on how to start creating managed code form templates that work with the InfoPath object model provided by the Microsoft.Office.InfoPath namespace.

Understanding the InfoPath Object Model and Common Developer Tasks

Discusses the InfoPath object model, and common programming tasks for managed code form templates that work with that object model.

Security in InfoPath Managed Code Form Templates

Discusses the security model for InfoPath form templates that use managed code, and related security procedures.

Working with InfoPath Forms Services

Discusses object model support and feature compatibility in managed code form templates created for InfoPath Forms Services.

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