Create a Bootable Recovery CD

Once you have all of the files together in the working folder, you can create an .iso file and burn that file to a CD. To burn the CD, you need software that burns an ISO-9660 compliant image.

Note   You must use Oscdimg.exe and to create the .iso file. These are only available in the Windows PE toolkit or the OPK. Oscdimg.exe creates the .iso file, and creates the CD boot sector. If you use other software to create the .iso image, the CD will not boot.

To create an .iso file with the OPK/Windows PE Toolkit Oscdimg utility

  1. Locate the WinPE.chm help file provided with the OPK and Windows PE Toolkit.
  2. Search for the topic "Creating a Customizable Windows PE Image" and/or "Creating a Custom Windows PE CD."

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