Disk Space Error Message

If FBWF overlay cache is exhausted, the system displays the error message, “There is not enough disk space on the disk.” Following the error message, the system may become unstable and data loss may occur. Perform a hard reboot to recover the device.

If this error occurs, reconfigure FBWF to ensure that it supports the device’s planned usage scenario.

In addition, when FBWF operates with a dynamic cache, its memory is allocated from the paged pool. In the registry key, configure the paged pool size to be 50 MB larger than the FBWF threshold.

The registry key is

HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management, PagedPoolSize

where PagedPoolSize is a REG_DWORD.

The recommended value for PagedPoolSize is (FBWF threshold size + 50MB)*1024*1024.

For example, with a 128 MB FBWF threshold, PagedPoolSize = (128+50)*1024*1024) = 186646528

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