File-Based Write Filter

File-Based Write Filter (FBWF) allows Windows XP Embedded (XPe) to maintain the appearance of read and write access to write sensitive or read only storage. FBWF makes read and write access transparent to applications.

In This Section

FBWF Overview
Provides an overview of File-Based Write Filter. This overview describes FBWF operation and architecture.
FBWF Features
Describes the new features introduced in FBWF.
FBWF Installation and Configuration
Describes the tools and procedures for installing and configuring FBWF.
FBWF Manager
Provides a guide to using FBWF Manager for quickly prototyping and integrating FBWF during the design phase.
FBWF Integration
Specifies FBWF interactions with other XPe features and components.
FBWF Design Considerations
Describes the considerations you should make before configuring and deploying FBWF.
Troubleshooting FBWF
Provides tips for troubleshooting common FBWF configuration problems.
Registry Filter
Describes the operation and configuration of the Registry Filter
Describes the functions that you can use to programmatically control FBWF.

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