WMI Scripting

The WMI Scripting component enables you to view and manipulate information available through Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) using scripts and Microsoft Visual Basic applications that access the Scripting application programming interface (API) for WMI. Scripts can be written in any scripting language that supports Microsoft ActiveX script hosting, including Visual Basic Scripting Edition (VBScript), Microsoft JScript, and Perl. Windows Script Host (WSH), Active Server Pages, and Internet Explorer can host WMI scripts.

The WMI Scripting component provides the core architecture needed to access or provide management instrumentation through WMI using a scripting interface.

This component includes the following files and applications:

  • Wbemdisp.dll. Provides the scripting APIs to WMI service.
  • Wbemdisp.tlb. Provides the schema for Wbemdisp.dll.

The Wbemdisp.dll component references the Wbemdisp.tlb component as its schema.


There are no services for this component.

Associated Components

The WMI Scripting component is designed to work with the Windows Management APIs and requires the WMI core component to be installed.


There are no configurable settings for this component.

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