Error 22
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Error 22

SQL Server 2000

Error 22

  Topic last updated -- January 2004

Message Text

The polling interval could not be set (reason: %s).


SQL Server Agent reports this message when the master server requests the target server to update the polling interval, but the update fails because the target server cannot open or update the value in the registry key


Possible causes for the failure include registry contention, corruption in the registry, or a missing registry key.

User Action

The Windows error message included in the text of this message provides the best clue for solving the problem. The root cause of this error is that SQL Server Agent cannot access the Windows registry. Therefore, solving this problem may require you to investigate and resolve the Windows error message reported.

Registry contention occurs when more than one thread tries to update the registry at the same time. Because only one thread can update the registry at a time, registry contention may cause this error. If registry contention causes this error, resending the update request by calling sp_post_msx_operation may resolve the problem.

If the registry key has been deleted, restarting SQL Server Agent re-creates it. The registry key must contain a REG_DWORD value. If the key is corrupt, delete the key, and restart SQL Server Agent.

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