Distributed Queries Error Messages

Distributed Queries Error Messages

SQL Server 2000

This topic discusses troubleshooting tips and techniques for distributed queries against various OLE DB providers. On an error condition against an OLE DB provider, Microsoft® SQL Server™ outputs these sets of error messages:

  • Provider error messages (indicated by one or more error messages surrounded by square brackets), which are returned by the OLE DB provider.

  • SQL Server error messages.

SQL Server uses the OLE DB provider's error object and its interfaces to return the provider's error messages. If the provider does not support the error object and its interfaces for the given error context, provider error messages are not available.

In addition to using these error message topics to resolve problems with distributed queries, use SQL Profiler to trace the OLE DB Errors event class. The OLE DB Errors event class outputs the OLE DB interface and method for the provider returning an error and the error code returned by the method invocation. The hexadecimal error code can be looked up in the Oledberr.h header file (located in the \DevTools\Include directory of the target SQL Server installation directory, by default, C:\Mssql) to determine the meaning of the error code, by default, the OLE DB Errors event class does not show up in SQL Profiler. For more information about seeing the OLE DB Errors event class and other advanced errors using SQL Profiler, see Creating and Managing Traces and Templates.

This table lists all distributed queries error messages.

Error Severity Description
7303 16 Could not initialize data source object of OLE DB provider '%ls'. %ls.
7306 16 Could not open table '%ls' from OLE DB provider '%ls'. %ls.
7314 16 OLE DB provider '%ls' does not contain table '%ls'.
7321 16 An error occurred while preparing a query for execution against OLE DB provider '%ls'. %ls.
7356 16 OLE DB provider '%ls' supplied inconsistent metadata for a column. Metadata information was changed at execution time.
7357 16 Could not process object '%ls'. The OLE DB provider '%ls' indicates that the object has no columns.
7391 16 The operation could not be performed because the OLE DB provider '%ls' does not support distributed transactions.
7392 16 Could not start a transaction for OLE DB provider '%ls'.
7399 16 OLE DB provider '%ls' reported an error. %ls.
7403 16 Could not locate registry entry for OLE DB provider '%ls'.
7413 16 Could not perform a Windows authenticated login because delegation is not available.
8114 16 Error converting data type %ls to %ls.
8501 16 MS DTC on server '%.*ls' is unavailable.

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