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Troubleshooting Security (Analysis Server)

SQL Server 2000
What problem are you having?

A change made to a user's permissions or group membership list does not take effect.

Cause: The user was logged on to Microsoft® Windows NT® 4.0 when the change was made and has not logged off.

Solution: The user must log off Windows NT 4.0 and then log on again.

Cannot connect to server computer that stores a cube or virtual cube.

Cause: User lacks permissions to the data source containing cube's source data.

Solution: Ensure the user logon provides access to the data source.

See also: Windows NT Server or Windows 2000 Server online documentation (click Help on the Start menu).

Insufficient disk space for temporary files.

During cube processing or aggregation design, Analysis Manager displayed a message indicating insufficient disk space for temporary files.

Cause: The temporary file folder used by Microsoft SQL Server™ 2000 Analysis Services is on a disk that has no more space.

Solution: Create additional space on the disk or specify a temporary file folder on another disk with more space.

See also: Properties Dialog Box - General Tab

Attempting to register an Analysis server generates an error message.

When you attempt to register an Analysis server, Analysis Manager displays an error message such as the following: "Connection to server failed. Your permissions on the server computer do not allow you to administer this Analysis server".

Cause: You are not logged on using an account that is a member of the OLAP Administrators group on the server to be registered.

Solution: On the server to be registered, add your account to the OLAP Administrators group. You may have to log off and then log on again before the group membership becomes effective.

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