Working with Tables

The Visual Database Tools help you change your database. You can control when and how changes to a database made in a database diagram are saved. You control these changes by noting which objects have changed and which remain unchanged in the database diagram, by saving changes only to selected tables, and by discarding unwanted changes. You can also use SQL change scripts to track, discard, and apply unsaved changes.

To See
Add a table Adding Tables
Remove a table from a diagram Removing a Table from a Database Diagram
Remove a table from the database Deleting a Table from a Database Diagram and the Database
Rename a table Renaming a Table
Duplicate a table Duplicating a Table
Copy a table to another diagram Copying a Table Across Database Diagrams
Change how tables appear in the diagram Changing a Table View in a Database Diagram
Change which per-column properties appear in a diagram Changing Which Properties Appear
Move columns to another table Moving Columns from One Table to Another
Resize per-column property columns Resizing Property Columns