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SQL Server Properties (Memory Tab)

SQL Server 2000

Use this tab to view or specify the following options.


Dynamically configure SQL Server memory

Specify that Microsoft® SQL Server™ memory be configured immediately after you make changes to the server properties.

Use a fixed memory size

Specify a fixed memory size for SQL Server.

Reserve physical memory for SQL Server

Reserve physical memory space for SQL Server equal to the memory setting. This means Microsoft Windows NT® 4.0 or Windows® 2000 does not swap out SQL Server's pages even if the pages can be used more readily when SQL Server is idle.

Minimum query memory

Specify the minimum amount of memory that can be allocated per user for query execution. The default is 1024 kilobytes (KB).

Configured values

View or change the configured values for the options on this tab. If you change these values, click Running values to see whether the changes have taken effect. If they have not, you must restart the instance of SQL Server for the changes to be implemented.

Running values

View the current running values for the options on this tab. These values are read-only.

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