Create Database

Create Database

SQL Server 2000

Create Database

Use this dialog box to define a new database for a data source connection. You can define a new database only when connecting to an instance of Microsoft® SQL Server™ through the Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server or through the Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC. The database files will be put into the same location as your master database files. If you are unable to create a new database, make sure your login has the appropriate permissions.

This dialog box offers a subset of the available options for creating a database. For access to all the options when creating a database, in SQL Server Enterprise Manager, right-click the Databases node and then click New Database.

Make sure to follow SQL Server naming conventions for the database and appropriately set the data file size and log file size for the new database. For more information, see Naming Conventions for Instances of SQL Server 2000.

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