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No relationship in OLAP cube between <ObjectID> and {objectid}.

SQL Server 2000

No relationship in OLAP cube between <ObjectID> and {objectid}.

Message Text

The OLAP database contains no relationship between these two objects. Therefore, they cannot be used together in a relationship.


This error occurs when there are multiple OLAP cubes in a project and a relationship is created that uses entities that do not have an underlying relationship within the same OLAP cube. The relationship must contain only entities represented by OLAP objects in the same cube.

For example, in the FoodMart database, there is a Sales cube and a Warehouse cube. The Sales cube contains a customer dimension and a product dimension. The Warehouse cube contains a product dimension and a warehouse dimension. Using these two cubes, there can be a relationship between:

  • customer and product in the Sales cube

  • product and warehouse in the Warehouse cube.

There cannot be a relationship between customers and warehouses because no cube that contains both customers and warehouses exists.


To prevent the error, create entities from:

  • The same cube.

To correct this error:

  • Edit or create the necessary relationships using entities that come from the same cube.

For more information, see Introduction to Dimensions.

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