Dump Files in the Kernel Debugger

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The workstation on which you debug dump files must have access to the binaries for the program, and to the PDB files. Debugging is enabled by the Error Reporting system, which creates a dynamic association between a dump file and the kernel debugger. Platform Builder displays data from the dump file in the standard debugging windows.

If all of the associated symbols are found, then the debugger can open source files and display the source line that caused the dump file to be captured. The corresponding callstack can be viewed by opening the callstack window.

Overview of Symbol Files

Provides a brief description of compiler symbols.

Opening Dump Files in Platform Builder

Provides step-by-step instructions about opening a crash dump file in the kernel debugger.

Viewing Dump Files in Debug Windows

Describes how the debug windows support viewing dump files.

Dump File Limitations

Describes normal debugger functionality that is not available when viewing dump files.

Error Reporting

Provides links to detailed information about Error Reporting implementation.

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