Error Reporting Overview

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You can include support for error reporting and select the related Catalog items you want at the time you create an OS design.

Error reporting allows a device to automatically save the state of the machine when a second-chance exception causes a program crash.

The standard error-report format includes extremely useful information for developers, such as the following:

  • Stack details
  • Some system information
  • A list of loaded modules
  • Exception type
  • Global and local variables

Crash information is compressed into a CAB file and, with user consent, sent to the Microsoft Watson web site. For more information about crash dumps, see Types of Crash Dump Files.

The Watson web server groups crash dump files into categories called buckets that collect crash data with the same code defect. The hit count of a bucket shows how often users encountered the issue that caused the crash. Historically, the worst 1% of problems cause more than half of crashes and hangs that users encounter. For more information about the Error Reporting system of categorizing crash dump files, see Dump File Bucketing.

You can also use Error Reporting functionality to programmatically generate error reports. For more information, see the following topics:

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