What's New in Analysis Services

What's New in Analysis Services

SQL Server 2000

Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 extends and renames the former OLAP Services component, now called Analysis Services. Many new and improved features significantly enhance the analysis capabilities of the acclaimed OLAP Services introduced in SQL Server version 7.0. In this release, Analysis Services introduces data mining, which can be used to discover information in OLAP cubes and relational databases.

The What's New topics contain brief overviews of the new Analysis Services features with links to the conceptual topics that discuss each feature in more detail and provide further links into the documentation.

Topic Description
Cube Enhancements New cube types and enhanced cube functionality substantially extend the scalability and functionality of Analysis Services.
Dimension Enhancements New dimension and hierarchy types, features, and improvements extend the analysis capabilities of cubes.
Data Mining Enhancements New in this release, data mining is integrated into online analysis and can be used to discover information in OLAP cubes and relational databases.
Security Enhancements Security enhancements include using roles on cube cells and dimension members, additional authentication methods, and improved enforcement.
Client Connectivity Enhancements in PivotTable Service Client applications can use many new features and enhancements such as data mining, HTTP or HTTPS connections, additional dimension types, and cell allocation for writeback.
Other Enhancements Other enhancements provide a variety of new features including multiuser administration, MDX Builder, additional Multidimensional Expressions (MDX) functions, Virtual Cube Editor, support for Active Directory™, and more.

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