DTS Tools

DTS Tools

SQL Server 2000

Data Transformation Services (DTS) includes the following set of tools for creating, scheduling, and executing DTS packages.

Tool Description
DTS Import/Export Wizard Wizard used to copy data to and from an instance of Microsoft® SQL Server™ and to map transformations on the data.
DTS Designer Graphical tool used to build complex packages with workflows and event-driven logic. You also can use DTS Designer to edit and customize packages created with the DTS Import/Export Wizard.
DTS and SQL Server Enterprise Manager Options available for manipulating packages and accessing package information from SQL Server Enterprise Manager.
DTS Package Execution Utilities Includes the following:
  • The DTS Run utility, a set of dialog boxes used to schedule and run packages.

  • The dtsrun utility, a command prompt utility used to run packages. For more information, see dtsrun Utility.
DTS Query Designer A graphical tool used to build queries in DTS.

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