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Viewing and Modifying DTS Package Properties

SQL Server 2000

In Data Transformation Services (DTS) Designer, you can view or modify properties associated with:

  • Package identification.

    Most of these properties are read-only. The information includes package name, package and version globally unique identifiers (GUID), creator name, creation date, computer name, and a text description for the package.

  • Error information.

    You can specify information about the log file, which contains package run-time errors. You also can specify whether package execution is terminated after the first error, which reflects a step failure.

  • Microsoft® Windows® events.

    You can specify whether the package execution status is written to the Windows event log. You also can define the process priority for Windows events and the maximum number of tasks that can execute concurrently with the package.

  • Package global variables.

    You can view information about global variables, which can be referenced by any Microsoft ActiveX® script in the package. You can create new global variables or edit existing global variables.

  • Data lineage.

    You can track the source of any piece of data and the transformations applied to that data when saving it to Microsoft SQL Server™ 2000 Meta Data Services.

  • Meta Data Services scanning.

    You can relate objects referenced by the DTS package to catalog meta data in Meta Data Services.

  • Transactions.

    You can assign steps in a workflow to a transaction, and commit and roll back individual steps based on the success or failure of the transactional unit. For transactions to work, the Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator (MS DTC) must be running on the computer executing the package.

To view or modify DTS package properties

Enterprise Manager

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