Managing a DTS Package

Managing a DTS Package

SQL Server 2000

You can manage Data Transformation Services (DTS) packages from SQL Server Enterprise Manager and from within DTS tools. The following topics describe the various aspects of package management.

Topic Description
Creating a DTS Package Explains different ways to create a DTS package.
Editing a DTS Package Describes how to modify an existing package.
Deleting a DTS Package Describes different ways to delete a package and package versions.
Executing a DTS Package Explains different ways to run a package.
Saving a DTS Package Describes the different formats in which you can save a package.
Using DTS Package Logs Describes the information contained in a package log.
Managing DTS Package Properties Describes different ways to view, configure, and edit package properties.
Handling Package Security in DTS Discusses security issues surrounding packages and ways to increase package security.

You also can save and execute packages programmatically. For more information, see Managing DTS Package Programs in Visual Basic.

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