Sharing Meta Data

Sharing Meta Data

SQL Server 2000

Data Transformation Services (DTS) Designer provides features for saving package meta data and data lineage information to Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 Meta Data Services. You can store catalog meta data for databases referenced in a package and accounting information about the package version history of a particular row of data for your data mart or data warehouse.

DTS Designer uses its own information model, the DTS Information Model, for structuring package meta data and data lineage information and saving it to Meta Data Services.

To browse the data lineage and meta data information generated by DTS Designer, use the DTS Browser found in SQL Server Enterprise Manager (available through the console tree, under Data Transformation Services, in the Meta Data node). This tool allows you to explore the meta data and version history of a package and to look up the specific package version that generated a row of data.

For more information, search under Meta Data Services at Microsoft Web site.

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