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SQL Server 2000

The MSsubscriptions table contains one row for each subscription serviced by the local Distributor. This table is stored in the distribution database.

Column name Data type Description
publisher_database_id int ID of the Publisher database.
publisher_id smallint ID of the Publisher.
publisher_db sysname Name of the Publisher database.
publication_id int ID of the publication.
article_id int ID of the article.
subscriber_id smallint ID of the Subscriber.
subscriber_db sysname Name of the subscription database.
subscription_type int Type of subscription:

0 = Push
1 = Pull
2 = Anonymous

sync_type tinyint Type of synchronization:

1 = Automatic
2 = No sync

status tinyint Status of the subscription:

0 = Inactive
1 = Subscribed
2 = Active

subscription_seqno varbinary(16) Snapshot transaction sequence number.
snapshot_seqno_flag bit 1 = subscription_seqno is the snapshot sequence number.
independent_agent bit Indicates whether there is a stand-alone Distribution Agent for this publication.
subscription_time datetime --
loopback_detection bit Whether the Distribution Agent sends transactions originated at the Subscriber back to the Subscriber:

1 = Does not send back.
0 = Sends back.

agent_id int ID of the agent.
update_mode tinyint Type of update.
publisher_seqno varbinary(16) Sequence number of the transaction at the Publisher for this subscription.
ss_cplt_seqno varbinary(16) Sequence number used to signify the completion of the concurrent snapshot processing.

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